Product description

Using the power of the sun to preserve food and other agriculture products has been practiced for centuries. In the traditional way crops are dried directly in the sun under the open sky. The major disadvantage of this traditional method is that the goods are exposed to dust, animals, insects, wind and moisture. In addition, the results depend on good weather conditions. Our product solar tunnel dryer Lises SUfl energy. Modern solar tunnel dryers are more efficient, hygienic and keep the crops safe from damage and insects. It is used for drying chili,mango, Gooseberry (aanvala), Onion, Beet root, Carrot, Turmeric, Ginger Grapes etc.

Product details

Dryer Capacity 10 KGS TO 1 TONNE
Operating 50 TO 60
Automatic Grade Automatic, Semi-
Capacity 10 KGS TO 1 TONNE
Design Standard, Customized
Material G.l
Max Temperature 65
Minimum Order 1 Piece (GOOsqf)
Wind Load  up to 150 Km/hour
Columns Pipe 60 mm OD
Top Arches Pipe 48 mm OD
Purlins Pipe Top Purlin : 48 mm OD; Other PurLin : 42 mm OD
Foundation Pipe 60 mm OD & 1.2 Meter Length
Fasteners High Tensile Strength & Hot Dip Galvanized (120 GSM)
Entrance Door Hinge Door made from Aluminum Frame & Polycarbonate Sheet
Wind Speed Load 150 km/hr
Trelilsing Load  25 kg/m

Major Design Considerations

  • Roof vent opening should be 10- 15% of floor area and open leeward to wind
  • Windward side vent opening should equal one fourth all the roof vent openings
  • Side vent should be prevented from  going directly out the first top vent
  • The windward side should be highly aerodynamic
  • A 50% shading system is very important for summer growing
  • Internal profiles should curve smoothly upward and nut the vents (no traps)
  • Cornputercontrol is highly desirable For climate control and vent protection

Advantages of Natural Ventilated Greenhouse

  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Top Roof Openings for natural ventilation
  • Optimal heat and humidity  release
  • Optimal heat and humidity  release
  • Structure  suitable for warm and humid climates
  • Low Energy requirement
  • Air Temperature  can be  maintained Very      close Lo outside air
  • Easy to operate, maintain & Control

Growing Crop under Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse

Cut Flowers Dutch Rose, Gerbera, Carnation,  Anthurium, Lilium, Chrysanthemum etc.
Exotic Vegetables Cucumber, Color Capsicum, Cherry Tomato, Ginger Yam, Broccoli, Lettuce,