Product description

A High Tech Fan-and Pad based Poly House is used to provide a controlled growing environment for growing specialty crops and plants. This Poly House Is provided with special-purpose fans to draw air into the Poly House through high-efficiency cooling pads made from high surface area ribbons of cellulose fiber.


  • Production  of vegetable crops , off-season flowers, vegetables. Roses, Carnation, cut-flowers etc.
  • Plant propagation, rising of seedlings
  • Growth I Production of rare plants, orchids / herbs, medicinal plants.
  • Primary and secondary hardening nursery  of Tissue cultured plant

Features and Specifications

Galvanized Steel Construction with Round & Square Pipe

  • Natural Roof and side wall ventilation system with openable.
  • UV stabilized covering materials of Polyethylene I Polycarbonate / Acrylic.
  • Cellulose Cooling Pad and Exhaust Fan System.
  • Heating system in cold climate, Easy to assemble & dissemble.
  • Shading /Thermal net Manually / motorized. & Easy to operate, maintain & control
  • Micro Irrigation System , Fertigation System. Misting System
  • Control System – Manual / Semi Automatic! Automatic. Fully Computerized / Weather Station.
  • Less chances of disease attack, thus reduction in disease control cost.
  • Application of Liquid Fertilizeror Water Soluble Fertilizer (N:P:K) & other Nutrients to the plant.
  • Operation of shading Operation of C02 Generator, Climate Control, Temperature. Humidity, Heat Radiation, Control of EC, PH, PPM level in irrigation water etc. as required to the plant.

Climate Control System

Fan - Pad System

  • Number of fans depends upon size of tin —pad house and it should be capable of exhausting air volume in one minute
  • Number of fans depends upon size of tin —pad house and it should be capable of exhausting air volume in one minute
  • Exhaust fans —56” however it depends upon size of fan-pad house with louvers, 1.51W — 3phase 1St standard electric motor.
  • Cellulose cooling pads of 1.Hrneter height with 100 mrn/150mm thickness covering the area properly, PVC water distribution system, and screen/disk litter; valve and pumps etc.
  • Control panel with manual operation, temp and humidity sensors

Fogging System

  • In consist of four way anti-leak fogger 281ph flow rate (working pressure should be mentioned at which we will be able to get required particle size logger spacing along the lateral and lateral spacing) and particle size 80-100 micron, 16mm lateral class-3, PVC pipe 6kg/cm’, valves, filter  pump, panel with voltmeter, MCB, relay, temperature and humidity sensor etc  complete application rate 3mm/hr